Portable Baby Warmers Bottle
Portable Baby Warmers Bottle
Portable Baby Warmers Bottle
Portable Baby Warmers Bottle
Portable Baby Warmers Bottle
Portable Baby Warmers Bottle

Portable Baby Warmers Bottle

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Are you worried that your baby's cold milk is not good for the stomach? Now we can provide you with a bottle heated cover, so that your baby can drink warm milk, you can also drink while heating.


  1. Convenient for preparing milk or feeding baby anytime anywhere.

  2. type structure heat insulation design, heat preservation and heating core core  treatment, safety guarantee.

  3. Made of crystal velvet heating material, heats quickly and evenly.

  4. Zipper opening design, removable wash liner and cloth cover (heating sheet should not be washed, cloth cover can be washed), cleaner and more sanitary.

  5. This baby bottle warmer and heater warms quickly and evenly, it can stretch to fit most baby feeding bottles, it is easy and safe to use.

  6. Fully compatible with a variety of power supplies, the power cord is USB interface, compatible with most 5V 2A mobile power, most 5V 2A charging head, most 5V 2A car charger (power must be more than 1.5A to drive the heating film, it is recommended to match 2A charging head or charging treasure).

  7. The bottle warmer is soft and foldable,very portable and easy to storage.

Material: Cationic Fabric
Color: Gray
Input: 5V 2A
Size: 25 * 10cm/9.8 * 3.9in
Cable Length: 68cm/26.8in

Package Weight: 136g/4.8oz

Package list:
1 * Bottle Heated Cover

The heating and heat preservation effect is affected by the thickness of the bottle, the material, and the original temperature of the milk inside. After plugging in, the bottle will be heated first, and it will be changed to 37-42 degrees. If it is from the thickness of the normal bottle is taken out in the refrigerator, the heating will take about one and a half hours. The glass material will heat up a little faster than the plastic bottle. If it is at room temperature, it takes about half an hour to heat up. If the bottle is large, The heating time will be more, the pp's ice milk will reach 42 degrees in 1:30 hours, and the glass material will take 1 hour to heat up.